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Shipping & Returns


  • Free Shipping is provided within the Continental US on orders of $150.00 or more.  Delivery date varies depending on zip code.
  • Orders will be shipped using the following carriers:  USPS, UPS or DHL (International Orders).
  • Orders are processed within 1 to 3 days from receipt of the order, unless otherwise notified at checkout.
  • Orders are shipped Monday – Friday, excluding observed U.S. holidays.
  • Customers are notified of back orders (B/O) and B/O typically are shipped within 3 - 5 days.



USPS First Class Mail 1 - 8 Not a Guaranteed Delivery Service!!!
USPS Flat & Priority Mail 1 - 3 Depending on Zip Code 
UPS Ground 1 - 6 Depending on Zip Code
UPS Blue 2 2 Business Days
UPS Red  1 Next Business Day
DHL 2 - 5 Depending on City & Country Location



  • Shipping costs are prepaid if the return is a result of our error or if the item has a manufacturer's defect.  For the return to qualify, the item must be returned unused and in the original packaging and the request must be made within 15 days from the date the item is delivered.
  • Items returned for other reasons or after the 15 day return period, will be charged a $5.00 or 20% restocking charge (whichever is higher) and the shipping cost is the customer's responsibility.



  • Shipping dates are approximate and are based on conditions at the time of quotation and the seller shall not be liable for failure or delay in performance due to prior sale of Products 
  • Buyer agrees to furnish state licenses that would result in a free of sales tax purchase and agrees to continually furnish copies of such licenses from year to year.
  • All prices are Ex-Works SEAL-IT unless otherwise specified. Product dimensions and/or quantities are subject to change.



The Seller is not liable for any damage caused by the product to the Buyers premises, Buyer, or any other people that may encounter the product through misuse of the Buyer or through any defect of product therein. The Buyer accepts said product at his own risk and specifically agrees that he shall hold the Seller SEAL-IT-123 free of any liability attendant or attributable to the placement of said product on the Buyers premises. The Buyer shall be responsible for all damages, which said product might sustain or cause by fire, accident, theft, and/or misuse by either the Buyer, his agents, employees or any other person who may be upon the premises where said product is located. By purchasing products from SEAL-IT-123, you the buyer agree to these terms and conditions.

Brand names, Trademarks, Copyrights and Patented Products: Any use of any Trade Marked names, brands, products or words that refer to those products and their respective companies are by reference only, and by reference does not imply that we are associated with them in any way or any of the items we list, or manufacture are derivative of their manufacturing or marketing processes.

For any industrial parts we sell, they are aftermarket parts and are offered as an alternative to the OEM parts as a cost-effective alternative. Any and all words of trademarked products and uses of such, either alone or in combination, are intended only to refer to the original company and-or its products for comparison only and not intended to create an impression of our company being related to, our items created by or we being licensed by any such company or legal distributor of said products or manufacturers.


Return shipping address:

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Miami, FL  33138